Vito & Oiltester

Frying oil microfiltration system


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Why VITO®?

In the hotel and catering industry we all want the best quality. The Vito & Oiltester filtration system guarantees, in a profitable way, the use of oil and the taste of the fried food. Likewise, with Oiltester we can add one more parameter to HACCP and ensure that we comply with the current law. For these reasons, this German product with twenty years of history, is operating in more than 40,000 establishments in 150 countries.

VITO® advantages

  • Reduction of oil costs by up to 50%.
  • Improves the quality and taste of your dishes.
  • Cleans the oil in less than 5 minutes.
  • Less energy consumption of the deep fryer.
  • Maximum safety of use during filtration.
  • Savings in fryer maintenance (cleaning and repairs).

VITO® is green

The frequent use of the VITO® oil filtration system contributes to the protection of the environment.

  • Less energy consumption.
  • Resources optimization.

VITO® is a German company exclusively dedicated to systems for frying oil filtration.

Since 2000, VITO® technology allows us to filter frying oil in less than 5 minutes. The models V30, V50 and V80 filter the oil without taking it out of the fryer and the systems Vito XS, XM and XL do it through the only vacuum system in the market.

It is especially recommended for large consumption of frying oil. World leading companies in the hotel and catering industry, such as Marriot, Sodexo, Hilton, Hard Rock Café, Sheraton or Aramark, among many others, are already relying on Vito®.

Iniciaserveis® is the official distributor of this German product and, in our area, more than 400 establishments have already placed their trust in this system over the last few years.

Characteristics of micro filtering with VITO®

Oil life
Oil wear depends on the products being fried. The optimum temperature for frying is 175º. Depending on these two premises, savings in oil costs can be as high as 50% thanks to microfiltration. With the help of Oiltester we will know the quality of the oil, its temperature and the exact moment to change it.

This is achieved by filtering the oil through a food-grade cellulose filter. In this way, micro-particles are eliminated.

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