Equipment and machinery for the hospitality sector

We offer you advice and the means to carry out all kinds of projects in the hotel, restaurant and community sectors.

We study the needs of your new installation, establishment or refurbishment of your business to design the best kitchen or bar project.

We can also advise and supply you with small spare parts for the necessary machinery.

Kitchens >

We offer different models according to the working capacity of each establishment. We pay attention to the correct distribution of space.

maquinaria de hostelería iniciaserveis

< Bars

Designed according to the needs of each project and with a wide range of decorative finishes. All our projects have as a premise the functionality of work.

Buffets >

Designs of all kinds, personalized and custom made.


< Stainless Steel

In-house manufacture of stainless-steel furniture, either neutral or refrigerated. Counters with rounded finishes that are easy to clean and highly durable, in accordance with current regulations.

Showcases and Exhibitors >

Design, lighting and manufacture adapted to the space.