Maximum savings and impeccable cleaning

What is Iniciasystems?

This industrial utensil washer is designed to wash all the industrial kitchenware of your business, whether they are gastronorm (GN) trays, pans, cookers, hood filters, the swords and hooks of chicken roasters, also pastry or bakery trays and any kitchen utensil that needs a deep cleaning, or just a daily maintenance cleaning.

Degreasing machine Iniciasystems IS 300A


From irons of the stove, hood filters and extremely dirty pots and pans, to the daily maintenance of all the cookware as the gastronorm trays; whatever type of cleaning is required, Iniciasystems® leaves everything spotless.

Iniciasystems® is a degreasing machine designed for restaurants, hotels and catering in general. It is also suitable for any industrial kitchen, from production kitchens, caterings, grills and hospitals, to schools or communities.

Iniciasystems® is a product manufactured by Iniciaserveis®.

Save up to 70% on washing costs using degreasing machine Iniciasystems®

We have financing to suit you for up to 48 months

Optimize your time and effort

The hours and effort you spend cleaning up can be spent on other tasks, allowing you to be much more productive in the kitchen.

Rapid return on investment

Iniciasystems® offers you maximum savings in operator hours, electricity, water and cleaning products; a considerable reduction in costs that guarantees a very fast amortization period.

Food hygiene and disinfection

Iniciasystems® cleans all utensils at a temperature of 75º C, thus guaranteeing a rigorous daily control of hygiene and an optimum level of cleaning and disinfection. It also helps to obtain ISO or HACCP cleaning standards.

Environmental commitment

Designed based on sustainability parameters, it consumes less water, energy and chemicals than existing conventional washing systems, including manual cleaning.

Energy and water savings

Iniciasystems® degreasing machine provides you with a considerable reduction of water and light consumption.

Minimum maintenance

Iniciasystems® only needs the biodegradable thermo-active for its operation and does not require any costly or special maintenance.

Degreasing machine: Automatic range

These machines have the system of lifting the inner basket in an automated way by using two buttons, all the kitchen utensils can be loaded and unloaded from the front without any contact with water.

Máquinas desengrasantes iniciasystems

Degreasing machine: Manual​ range

The non-automatic models have a manual lifting system to raise the kitchen utensils to the surface.

Máquinas desengrasantes iniciasystems

Thermo-active Iniciasystems®

Our unique high-performance descalers safely remove grease; they contain no caustic soda and carcinogenic products such as NTA. Neither phosphates, phenols, acids, or surfactants are harmful to the aquatic environment. Their moisturizers and surfactants are of vegetable origin, derived from sugar and glucose.

Iniciasystems® Thermo-actives comply strictly with European regulations, offering optimal cleaning while respecting the environment.

They are available in three formats: Energy of 2 kg, Standard and Ultra of 5 kg. According to the type of degreasing machine Iniciasystems®.

None of the Thermo-actives, in its correct dilution of use, alters in any case the residual parameters of the water D.B.O. D.Q.O.

 Accessories for the industrial warewashing machine Iniciasystems®

With the Iniciasystems range of accessories you can customize it, making it even easier to use and maintain. We can also adapt it according to the type of utensils you usually wash, manufacturing if necessary the accessories that best suit your needs.

You can see all Iniciasystems accessories by visiting their website here.

Here you can calculate the savings you would obtain using the Iniciasystems IS 300 A model as a reference for washing Gastronrom 1/1 trays of 65 mm.

Save on energy, water and working hours

Innovation Iniciasystems®

Iniciasystems® machinery is built-in stainless steel AISI 304 18/10 and contains a thermal insulator that makes it highly energy-efficient. In addition, it has been specially designed to offer an easy maintenance in case of repair.

You only have to put the tools inside Iniciasystems® and wait for our exclusive biodegradable products’ chemical reaction to do all the work. When removing them, you just need to rinse them with sufficient water pressure, remove any remaining dirt, and remove the utensils’ chemical solution.

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